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The most important part of your PC is your data. In the event of a serious system crash, you can usually restore the operating system and programs that you use, but your personal data may be lost. Although emergency data recovery options are available, these will tend to be costly and there is no guarantee that everything you want can be recovered. A better approach is to start a regular routine of backing up your important data.


Your data should be backed up as often as possible, It isn't necessary to back up your whole hard drive. Identify the folders that hold your important files and only back those folders up to save on storage space. To find out where your files are being stored, use "Save As" instead of just hitting "Save" when you create or update your files, and note the location the program is using to write your data.

Data Recovey from USB Drives


USB drives are storage devices with an integrated USB interface that facilitates easy communication with a computer. These devices are commonly used these days and are preferred to other storage media due to their compact size. Apart from that, they are portable, faster, possess high storage capacity and are reliable. It is estimated that by next year the amount of USB drives shipped around the world would reach 115 million a year.

However, all these benefits come at a price. Since it is highly portable, people keep moving it from one place to another. There is a high probability of mishandling the device. This can lead to data loss. Also, when you connect the device to your computer, the operating system might affect the files present on the USB drive if the operating system was infected. Data recovery also becomes vital in forensic investigations. If an internal employee was misusing the company's confidential information or introducing malicious codes with the help of the USB drive, the device becomes an important piece of evidence in the investigation. If you have been able to procure the USB drive and found that he has deleted the information on it, you could use the help of data recovery experts to reconstruct the data and prove the damage caused by him.


Data Recovery from USB Storage Device

There are two ways of recovering data from a USB drive. In the first method, you could do it yourself by using data recovery software that you can purchase online. In the latter method, you could avail the services of data recovery experts who would perform data recovery on your behalf.


Data Recovery Software

There are various data recovery software available online. You could download and use them immediately after you purchase the software. They simply try to undelete the information that you have deleted or try to rebuild the corrupted files on the USB drive.


Advantages of Data Recovery Software

  1. Once you have purchased the software, you could use it to recover files from any of the storage mediums such as hard drive, CD, etc. apart from your USB drive.
  2. You need not wait for the data recovery process. It is instantaneous. Once you make the payment, you can download the software and use it immediately.
  3. You can have the recovery process done at the comfort of your sitting room in a few mouse clicks. You do not have to bother yourself about shipping it to a company or calling them up to follow up on the process.

Disadvantages of Data Recovery Software

  1. Although it might be easy to use, you might still find it difficult to use the software if you are new to computers.
  2. Since you do not have the expertise in data recovery, sometimes a mistake from your end could complicate the process of data recovery and you stand a risk of losing your data forever.
  3. There are hundreds of data recovery software available on the Internet. Unless you know the credibility of the software, you might end up paying for software that is absolutely useless.  

Data Recovery Services

If you have critical information on your USB drive that you cannot afford to lose, then you will need to avail the services of a data recovery expert. They can help to retrieve data even if the drive is physically damaged. You would be required to ship the drive and they would send back the drive along with the backed up information on a DVD or CD usually within 7 working days.  


Advantages of Data Recovery Services

  1. You need not bother about the process of recovery. The experts would do it for you.
  2. Since these are companies with physical presence in the market, it is easy to check out their credentials and choose the best company that offers good data recovery service.

Disadvantages of Data Recovery Services

  1. Since they employ the experts to do the work, they would be a little more expensive than the data recovery software available online.
  2. You would have to ship the device and wait for a while for it to arrive along with the recovered data.

USB Data Recovery - The Last Word

Before recovering data from a USB drive, assess if the data is really important. If not, you can discard the drive. However, once you decide on recovering it, I would rather recommend approaching a data recovery company, even if it means a little additional money that you ought to spend from your pockets. There is an added danger inherent in USB storage devices as many Operating Systems automatically recognise and authorise them and therefore if data has been corrupted by a virus, files containing a virus can then be transfered to another drive when connected to a computer.



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